Lasers at a Rave

About LaserPolka

Lasers at a rave
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Why LaserPolka?

Ever since I first got involved with doing lasers for raves, I was struck by the similarity of the beats between techno music played at the raves and the polka music that I had learned with Brave Combo.

In Brave Combo we had played a few polka festivals where people who loved the music gathered to listen to the best polka bands create their music and dance.

At raves people who loved techno music gathered to listen to the best DJ’s and dance.

So to me, it was a very similar situation – in my head I was always going to work at a polka festival, but the people attending were not always aware of that connection!

Once things got going in the rave world, I always thought that maybe I could bridge the gap, and bring lasers into the polka world.  I was only able to do this a couple of times, once at Westfest in West, TX, and once at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, TX.  In both cases the universe conspired against me such that I did not push the matter very hard… lasers were expensive, and usually the real polka halls are well lit, not conducive to great laser shows.

When I got involved with Brave Combo again in 2005, I thought that maybe we could find some gigs together, so I set up some showcases, like at the huge ISES Convention in Dallas, TX.  I set up a huge laser show and performed the lasers along with Brave Combo, all of us playing live!  It was great fun but there has not been a single client interested and willing to put up the money to have us both.

That's what I like.